Deathless Empire — humbly we want to share stories and experience , we are standing in 2013 based in Kediri — East java , a coming up with the idea to build a clothing business in the field of music , it was the expansion of the hardcore music , hip-hop music , Deathless Empire as a means of merchandise providers favorite young man , often promote the event community , and that of other local , in a shop small we have a great spirit and optimism to improve the quality of production , add relation , improve the quality of marketing , we finally decided to make a shop that wider near the district capital , by doing new innovations that stand out like that , many employees who work in the field of Deathless musical arts , and the design of the design we are producing leading to music , so that we have the brand image a clothing music , but we did not restricts one segments because we would have to go to our customers outside the city and outside the island must also have to make designs which is interested in other young people to adult, working with community, build a chemistry, make content content positive indirectly into a young creativity. Often follow fair outside the we recognize the importance of relationships , improving the quality , opens thought we and of course increase knowledge , a lot of artists of the national ever are cooperating with us , this figure is hard work and guidance from team leader or owner of deathless empire. So you should be proud when using our products, because the quality of us formed from a lot of experience.